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What is a Red Xanax Bars?

Red Xanax bars is a brand name for Alprazolam that comes for sale in its different doses and forms. Alprazolam is an anti-anxiety medicine in the benzodiazepine family of drugs. Red bars contain 5 mg of active Alprazolam, the highest drug amount that comes as a pill. Red Xanax bar work by decreasing abnormal excitement in the human brain to prevent anxiety symptoms. The US Food and Drug Administration approved Xanax as a brand version of Alprazolam in October 1981.


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Mechanism of action

It is thought that Red Xanax bar slow down the movement of brain chemicals that may have become unbalanced and resulting in anxiety or fear. On the other hand, they boost a natural substance called gamma-aminobutyric acid to produce calming effects.


To ensure the safe and effective use of Red Xanax bar, please read the following facts carefully;

  • You should inform your doctor/pharmacist about the medicines and other substances like alcohol you are currently taking. You should avoid using alcohol while taking benzodiazepines.
  • Red Xanax bars are not suitable to use in pregnant ladies. Let your doctor/pharmacist know if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant before you buy Red Xanax bars online.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using Red Xanax bar as it can pass through their breast and affect your baby.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you understand how Xanax affects you. Red bars can produce extreme drowsiness that is not good for driving or doing any task that needs high alertness.

How to identify?

Name: R 666 Red pill

Shape: Rectangular

Color: Blood Red

Drug quantity: 5 mg

Apart from Alprazolam, Red Xanax contains certain inactive ingredients, including Cellulose, Decussate sodium, Corn starch, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Lactose, and sodium benzoate.

On-label uses

Red Xanax bars belong to the benzodiazepine class of drugs known for their anti-anxiety properties. Most drugs in this class are used to manage a range of anxiety symptoms. Likewise, Red Xanax bars are also used to treat GAD or generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder with or without agoraphobia.

What health conditions can affect the use of Xanax bars red?

Let your doctor or pharmacist know if you have or ever had any of the following health issues;

  • Glaucoma
  • Asthma or breathing problems
  • Kidney
  • Liver disease
  • A history of depression
  • An addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Suicidal thoughts

You should not take Red Xanax bars if you;

  • Have narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Are allergic to Alprazolam

Red Xanax bars dosage

The dosage of Red Xanax bars may vary from man to man depending upon several factors like;

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Drug tolerance
  • How your body reacts against drugs
  • Severity of the conditions, etc.

Red Xanax bars come in tablet forms containing 5 mg of active Alprazolam. They are the most potent form of Alprazolam. You should split a red bar into two or four small portions to get a balanced dose.

The usual dosage may look like this;

  • The initial dose for anxiety treatment is 0.25 mg – 0.5 mg, three or four times a day, using immediate tablets. The amounts may be increased every three or four days to a maximum dose of 4 mg per day.
  • The initial dose for panic attacks is 0.5 mg thrice a day. Quantity can be increased every three to four days but by no more than 1 mg per day.
  • The initial dose with extended-release ER tablets for panic disorder is 0.5 mg once within a day.


  • You can take Red Xanax bars orally with or without food. Take them with food if you have stomach issues.
  • Do not increase or switch dosage until your doctor recommends so. A doctor may gradually increase the dosage of Red Xanax bars until the drug works effectively for you.
  • You should take Red Xanax bars for a limited period. If you have taken this medicine regularly for a long time, sudden discontinuation may cause withdrawal symptoms.
  • Never share this medicine with someone who has a history of drug addiction.


Red Xanax bars may be excreted in human milk. According to health professionals, you should not breastfeed while taking Xanax.


This is no evidence to show how Xanax reacts in children. It is thought benzos are not suitable to use in children.

Older adults

Older adults (over 65 years of age) may be more sensitive to the effects of Red Xanax bars. The impact of such an anti-anxiety drug may last longer in older patients.


Xanax effects may be reduced in up to 50% of people who smoke, compared with individuals who do not smoke.

What are the side effects of Red xanax bar 5mg?

Long term side effects of Xanax bar include:

Drug dependence

Alprazolam (Xanax) is a high-potential medication that can produce a relationship in some unacceptable conditions. Drug dependence may be a result of the long-term use of Xanax.

Addiction, abuse, or misuse

Xanax is highly addictive when used long-term. Tolerance to this medication develops quickly, requiring the abuser to take more of the drug to achieve the desired effects. An individual with Xanax addiction may use up to 20 to 30 pills per day.

Withdrawal syndrome

Sometimes Xanax can produce some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Most of these symptoms occur due to the sudden discontinuation of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can include restlessness, tremors, anxiety, and insomnia.

Other long-term effects can include:

  • Mood changes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of coordination
  • Effects on the respiratory system
  • Effects on the central nervous system

What are the Withdrawal symptoms of Xanax bar?

Common withdrawal symptoms of Xanax bar are- irritability, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, light-headedness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, decreased appetite, sweating, etc.

Less common Xanax bar withdrawal symptoms are- abdominal cramps, fast or pounding heartbeat, increased physical sensitivities, increased sweating, hallucination, muscle cramps, abnormal movements, etc.

Rare Xanax bar withdrawal symptoms include confusion of time, place, person, convulsions, distrust, etc.

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