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What should you know about Soma?

Soma is also known as Carisoprodol. It treats muscle pain and discomfort in the short term. It belongs to a class of drugs called muscle relaxers. You can use it for the short term only, basically for two or three weeks. Most skeletal muscle injuries are of short duration, and there is no proof that Soma is effective in long-term use.

It is helpful as a combination in a treatment program that includes physical therapy and relief of injury or pain by skeletal muscle conditions. If you have an injury or ache and it is hard for you to go to a medical pharmacy, you can buy Soma online without a prescription.

What is crucial information about Soma?

The recommended dose of the Soma is 250 mg to 350 mg thrice a day and at bedtime. The maximum duration of Soma use is up to two or three weeks. It is soluble in water, freely dissolves in alcohol in chloroform and acetone, and its solubility is practically independent of Carisoprodol and is present as a racemic mixture.

Carisoprodol can be habit-forming. Do not share Carisoprodol with another person. Misuse of Soma might cause addiction, overdose, or death. This drug might have side effects that make it difficult to think or react. Take precautions if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert.

Avoid drinking alcohol with this medicine because it might strengthen the drowsiness and dizziness caused by this drug. If you stop taking Soma after a long time, you might get withdrawal symptoms. Do not abruptly stop using this drug without first consulting your health advisor. You might require to use less of the drug before completely stopping it, and you can order Soma online for fast shipping.

How can you take Soma?

Use Soma precisely as per your pharmacist’s prescription. Read carefully and follow all the instructions on the prescription label and medication guides. It might be habit-forming. Misuse of Soma may cause addiction, overdose, or death. It is against the law act to sell or give away this drug. You can buy Soma online at a discounted price.

The usual dose of this drug is three times per day. Follow the health advisor’s dosing instructions carefully. One should take Soma for only two to three weeks. Take your pharmacist’s advice on how to stop using this drug safely. It is only part of a complete treatment program, including physical therapy, rest, or other ache relief measures.

Keep it distant from heat and moisture at room temperature. Keep track of your drug. Be aware of someone misusing your drug or taking it without a prescription because Soma is a drug of abuse.


Usual Adult doses for muscle spasms:

250 mg to 350 mg orally thrice a day and at bedtime

Duration of therapy:

Do it for up to 2 to 3 weeks.

These drugs are for the short term as there is inadequate evidence of effectiveness for more extended time use, and acute painful musculoskeletal conditions are generally of short duration.

What are the benefits of using Soma?

Soma assists relax muscles after strains, cramps, and muscle problems that block sensibility between the nervous system and the brain. Order Soma online, no RX. It is an effective drug for musculoskeletal pain. Generally, its effects begin half an hour and last for up to six hours. Its formation is for oral use only.

Side effects

Get prompt medical treatment if you have allergic reactions due to the use of Soma. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include issues with breathing, hives, and swelling of your face, throat, lips, or tongue.

You should not use Soma if you ever had:

  • Seizure;
  • High serotonin amounts in the body; fever; agitation; sweating; shivering;
  • Hallucinations; muscle stiffness; irregular heart rate;
  • Loss of coordination; vomiting; diarrhea;
  • Heart problems, symptoms can include a fast heartbeat, flushing of the face or sudden reddening, low blood pressure, which might cause fainting;
  • Nervous system problems can include depression, feeling agitated or irritated, shakiness, seizures, and muscle trouble.
  • Stomach problems, symptoms may include pain in the abdomen or stomach area, nausea, or vomiting;
  • Blood disorders might include a decrease in white blood cells or other types of blood cells.

It is an incomplete list of side effects. Consult your health advisor for other side effects, or you can contact us.


Combining Soma with other drugs that cause drowsiness or shallow breathing might result in dangerous side effects or death. Before taking an opioid medication, a sleeping pill, a muscle relaxant, or medicine for anxiety or seizures, consult your health advisor. Taking Carisoprodol with some medications raises your risk of side effects from these drugs, including:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids
  • Tricyclic antidepressants;
  • Meprobamate;

If you combine these medications with Carisoprodol, your health advisor should watch you for side effects. For further information, consult your doctor or feel free to contact us.